When we started Oh Cha, we wanted two things; to spread the joy found in a good hot cuppa to every tea drinker out there, and to use it as a vehicle to make a difference to Indian women. 
We do the first with our fragrant cha and for the second, we’ve tied up with Dakshini Prayash - a wonderful organisation promoting education, health and progress in the Madurdaha community of West Bengal. 

Oh Cha now works closely with the women of Madurdaha to make them self-reliant and help them thrive.

  • 1% of all Oh Cha sales go towards Dakshini Prayas to develop their all-round infrastructure 
  • Oh Cha packaging, gifting and shipping collateral is handmade by the talented folks in Madurdaha 
  • Oh Cha’s network of vendors, suppliers, and other resources are open to Dakshini Prayash so their marketing and sales capabilities grow

Women empowerment and promotion of self-reliance will always be our north star. Once we’re confident that the women of Dakshini Prayas have the abilities to flourish on their own, we will seek out other ventures and communities we can join hands so that the power of cha creates real change for women across India.