Oh : An exclamation of surprise, joy, delight.
Oh Cha : A range of premium teas in flavours old and new, evoking all new feelings in you.


Now say it all together - Oh Cha.

Doesn’t it sound satisfying? Warm? Delicious, even? That’s what Oh Cha and its wide range of flavourful teas are all about.

Our teas come from the lush green Kanoi tea plantations in upper Assam, the wellspring of authentic and flavourful tea for the past 150 years and with Oh Cha, we’ve given our legacy of tea-drinking a wholesome and delicious twist. 

Our range of teas is made for indulgence, for wellness, for whimsy, for adding a unique dash of colour and aroma to every occasion. Picked fresh and curated into artisanal blends, you’ll find something altogether new in every piping hot cup you brew.

So pick your cha, brew yourself a cup and unravel a world of tea made with uncompromisingly good ingredients and unconventional blends. Take a sip, close your eyes and savour the flavours of Oh Cha. 

Now, let’s pick your cha. 

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