Hello tea lover! If you’re here, it means that your love for Cha knows no bounds, but which tea should you start with? We’ve got so many kinds of tea, so many blends, so many interesting flavours… so if you want some direction on where to begin your Oh Cha journey, take this quiz to find your cha personality and the teas that go perfectly with it!
  1. What does your morning routine look like?

    1. Rise early, clear your mind, and dive headfirst into the grind.
    2. Rise early, greet the sun, and begin your day with yoga and meditation.
    3. Sleep in late, breakfast in bed, luxuriate to your heart’s content.
    4. Maybe I’ll sleep late, maybe i’ll be up and at ‘em. It depends on my mood!

  2. What weekend plans sound like your kinda jam?

    1. A good book, a fun podcast, some yummy food and some me-time.
    2. A massage, a pedicure and some physical and mental detoxing.
    3. Dress to the nines and hit the town, it’s time to paint it red.
    4. I’ll decide according to which of my friends is free, it’ll be a surprise even for me!

  3. You need to go for a party. What do you do?

    1. Wear your favourite outfit, get there on time and have a blast.
    2. Get there early, have fun, but quietly slip out before 10pm.
    3. Buy a gorgeous new outfit, get there fashionably late and stay till the end.
    4. I can’t really say. I may go and help plan the party, or skip it entirely!

  4. Which instrument do you like the most?

    1. The guitar. Classic, beautiful and no song is complete without it.
    2. The bass guitar. It’s understated, but crucial for every song.
    3. The saxophone. It’s rich, complex and powerful.
    4. The didgeridoo. It’s unexpected and grabs your attention!

  5. Which of these is your dream trip?

    1. A beach getaway where you dive into the waves and get some sun.
    2. A trip to the mountains where you can get in touch with the rhythm of nature.
    3. A stay at a luxurious resort, with world-class food and a renowned spa.
    4. A road-trip across the country. You never know what you’ll find, but it’ll be worth it. 


  1. Mostly a’s:


    Tried, tested and true is the way to go for you. You can’t go wrong with our classic collection of teas in flavours that everyone knows and loves.

  2. Mostly b’s:


    What’s more importance than wellness? Nothing, that’s what. For you, our range of feel-good health teas will heal, nourish and fortify you from within.

  3. Mostly c’s:

You’re all about the finer things in life and you know what? You deserve them all. Choose from our decadent dessert teas which will give you notes of YES and YUM!

  1. Mostly d’s:


    You prefer to live life on the go, seeking out thrills and just doing YOU. We love to see it. You’ll love our alcohol teas with the goodness of botanicals and the unexpected notes of your favourite cocktail.