Welcome to the Oh Cha loyalty program, where cha-lovers can get their brew on, keep tasting and enjoying new flavours, and win rewards and discounts in the process!

Who is this for? People who love tea. People who love experimenting with their beverages. People who enjoy innovative new flavours, blends and tastes. People who like to have their tea-bag and dip it too. 

Here’s why you should come on board.

  • We have SO many kinds of cha in our catalog, more than the average online tea store. Some classic, some experimental, some WIP still to be released. By joining our loyalty program you get to keep experimenting with all sorts of flavours, getting points, getting discounts, and experiencing different “Oh!” moments every day. 
  • Our loyal Oh Cha fam gets more than what they buy. We send out freebies to patrons of our loyalty program that make them go “yay”! Join in, and you could be next. 
  • It doesn’t stop at cha. We’re part of a network of exciting young brands across India in the space of fashion, beauty, food, and more. When you buy your favourite cha, you get exclusive discounts on ALL those other brands as well! 

Let’s go.
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